The Caravelle

The bar

The bar

Open every day, The Caravelle bar is a legendary place in Marseille. Jazz lovers meet there at aperitif or digestive time to enjoy a good glass of wine or cocktail.

La Caravelle is an evening in 3 acts


cast off
Aperitif 18:30 p.m. – 21 p.m.

Of course, you can drink a pastis! Ricard, Pastis, La plein, Henri Bardouin, Casanis, or other.

But you can also taste the wine list. It includes a selection of organic wines and wines from the Provençal terroir such as the famous Cassis from Domaine du Paternel, the favorite wine of Marseille! Add to this most of the wines of Loire, Burgundy and Bordeaux. Impossible not to succumb to temptation, but always in moderation and accompanied by good tapas from the Chef


Shaker heart
21 p.m.-23 p.m.

Time for our bartender's cocktails – Bacardi Mojito and its fruit variations (Strawberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Ginger), Caïpirinha, and Cosmopolitan acclaimed in an article in Elle magazine.

To snack alone or with others, tasty slates based on cold meats, cheeses or fish


The sirens of the night
23 h – 2 h

Those who went to restaurant dock to have a last drink. Those who have not yet weighed anchor have fun until the end of the night. The decor: an authentic bar which has welcomed all the sailors of the Old Port since the 1920s. The counter and the frescoes are original!

La Caravelle is a cosmopolitan bar, a place for exchanges and unexpected encounters. Moreover, you will be surprised to appreciate the game of musical chairs. The conversations are thrilling at all the tables. Why deprive yourself of it! And who knows? You will perhaps have the opportunity to meet personalities from the entertainment world. But shh, it's a secret

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