The Caravelle


Cozy and essential place of the Jazz scene in Marseille, you are lucky to be able to enjoy it for free

New scenes or regulars of the place, the requirement of the bar restaurant La Caravelle concerns musical quality. And that's all !
Meet on Wednesday and Friday.


Music at the Caravelle

Some bands to whet your ears

Nafas, a world/jazz fusion trio with Ahmad Compaoré, Fred Pichot and Sylvain Terminiello.
Alert0jazz, a violinist, a solo guitarist, a gas station guitarist, a double bass for jazz resolutely based on improvisation.
Diva Roza, with a creative approach that combines jazz, traditional Balkan music and songs.
The Pop opening with Travis Bürki: the Marseille musician is a musical craftsman in perpetual research. He created the Caravelle song.

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