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During your stay in Marseille, take advantage of a multitude of annual events, there is something for everyone, here are a few that we have selected. 

200m from the hotel
The fish market
Old Port Fish Market

All year round, around ten Marseille fishermen offer you their fresh fish caught at night from 8 a.m. to 13 p.m. on the Quai de la Fraternité (200m from the hotel).

We most often find sea bream, scorpionfish, sole, sardines, red mullet, whiting.

Nothing like the fish market of the old port to immerse yourself in the Marseille atmosphere. If you're not used to preparing fish, don't panic! All fish are weighed and gutted on site

Farmer's market and local products

Throughout the winter until February from Thursday to Saturday, the farmers' market takes place on the Cours Saint Louis. It brings together local producers: beekeepers, market gardeners, poultry growers and cheese makers.

You will find, among other things, fresh and local fruits and vegetables purchased directly from ADEAR 13 producers.

Store MPG, 3 cours Saint-Louis, 13001 Marseille

9min walk from the hotel
The farmers' market
In front of the hotel
The big summer market
The big summer market on the old port

This event, organized by the City of Marseille, promotes regional craftsmanship with, in particular, stands offering Marseille soap, Provençal tablecloths, marinières, decorative objects made from lavender and many other Provençal items which will delight walkers.

And beyond, this summer market will offer moments of sharing and exchange between local producers and visitors

The southern fiesta

Despite the recent death of its founder Bernard Aubert, the famous Marseille festival intends to preserve and cultivate the “sense of celebration”. La fiesta des suds is an unmissable festival with a rich and varied program

15min walk from the hotel
The southern fiesta
Prado Beach
The Delta festival
The Delta festival

A tidal wave of electronic music invades the Prado beaches every summer in Marseille.

A sports and music festival open to all, the Delta Festival has 5 concert stages with internationally renowned artists as well as hundreds of events.

The festival also hosts thematic villages which are dedicated to the environment, health, entrepreneurship, sport, art... And as always, the beaches of Prado to enjoy the sea, the sun and the music. 5 days, more than 250 artists, 8 thematic villages, 250 events and nearly 180 festival-goers

Beautiful wasteland of May
The So good festival
The So good festival

The So Good Festival is an invitation to live a slightly crazy experience with masterclasses, stand-ups, artistic experiences, as well as scheduled concerts and DJ sets.

Nearly 6500 people are expected at Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, for a day and night of laughter, meetings, creativity, commitments, parties and music.

All carried by the voices of committed artists, activists and comedians.

Marseille Soap Museum

Enter the world of the Marseille soap museum and discover its fascinating history. Make your own soap during an interactive workshop.

Discover the Soap Museum in the Old Port of Marseille “Savonnerie La Licorne”.

Inside the galley arsenal built by Louis XIV, the soap museum offers to discover the history of this universal product through frescoes, works, documents, objects and rare pieces, immerse yourself in the history of the emblematic soap of Marseille.

10min walk from the hotel
Marseille Soap Museum


To find out more about the Marseille city, visit our blog. There you will find information and tips for discovering the creeks, the Basket district, Provence, Lu Mucem, Notre Dame de la Garde, Frioul. But also local gastronomy, terraces, shellfish and seafood restaurants. 

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