Museums in Marseille

Have fun at museums

Inside and outside: with the museums of Marseille, cultivate your freedom of thought and discovery

We have selected some of the museums in Marseille.

15min walk from the hotel
The Mucem
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To all lord, all honor: the mucem

Le Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations is above all a cultural city. No need to list the exhibitions. They are all fascinating. The idea is rather to live the experience Mucem

Take the Quai du Port, then walk alongside Fort Saint-Jean for a walk along the water's edge. Savor the exhibition of your choice. Enjoy the view from the top floor of the Museum, and continue along the footbridge which overlooks the sea. It leads you into a maze of gardens decorated with deckchairs which invite you to take a nap in the sun.

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The Borély Museum in the heart of a green setting

Want a morning jog. Head to Borély Park, the green lung of Marseille. Your lover doesn't want to follow you. Two options will appeal to her: the botanical garden of Parc Borély and its Japanese pavilion or the Borély Museum, museum of Decorative Arts, earthenware and Fashion.

2500 works, ceramics, glassware, rare exotic objects, collections of fashion and accessories from the 18th century to the present day

In the heart of Borely Park
The Borely Museum
10min walk from the hotel
The old charity
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The Longchamp Palace: luxurious water tower

And to think that it was built in 1819 to welcome the arrival of the waters of the Durance in Marseille.

Its rich ornamentations celebrate fertility and abundance.

Since Palais Lonchamp is one of the most popular places to relax in Marseille. It houses the Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Natural History

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