Let's enjoy an exceptional coastline while preserving it

Calanques Park

Our visitors will find from the hotel receptionists as well as in our library, suggestions and advice for exploring the famous  CALANQUES NATIONAL PARK which extends from Marseille to La Ciotat via the Frioul islands.

We often talk about “a dialogue between land and sea” when we talk about the coves.
There is, in fact, something to satisfy and dazzle walkers as well as seabed explorers.

These natural beauties made up of landscapes, scents, a biodiversity animal and plant unparalleled, we must leave them intact to future generations

Fauna and Flora, an overview of its richness

Our coastline of the Côte d'Azur is inhabited by a wide variety of species, sometimes rare. Hikers, it is up to everyone to discover them, to document themselves in order to protect them during walks.
Bonelli's eagle, majestic, imposing and yet threatened because it is sensitive to noise pollution and other human disturbances. Climbing routes are closed for him during the nesting period.
The bluish coat and pure white of its body make the Marseille Gabian very recognizable.
The scrubland, the kingdom of insects, is home to the Serrated Magician, a pretty grasshopper measuring 15 cm!
Marine fauna is a world of magic because it is less familiar to man. When a Girelle in blue, white and orange tones passes between two corals - a purple Gorgon and another yellow - it is an explosion of colors in a serene atmosphere.
The Sabline de Marseille, recognizable by its small white flowers, blooms in a rocky environment. The only place in the world where it can be found is Provence.

To see
  • En Vau
  • Sormiou
  • Callelongue
  • Morgiou
  • Port-Pin
  • marseilleveyre
  • Munin
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