Our commitment

Hotel “Green Key”

First hotel to obtain a “Green Key” ecological label in Marseille

Our hotel is committed to a concrete ecological and sustainable development approach.

We are reducing our environmental impact.

We preserve natural resources.

We limit pollution

Travelers are environmentally conscious. They prefer to stay in an eco-friendly hotel according to Tripadvisor. We are pleased to have achieved Green Leaders Bronze certification and to be included in Tripadvisor's EcoLeaders list.

We are very proud to be a GREEN hotel, to protect our nature, and to share this advantage with you. We have the details of our environmental approach available to you in our documentation as well as at reception. 

The display available in your room will help you understand some of the practices. Presenting no constraints for you, they only serve to respect our environment. 

More than a fashion, ecology is a necessary change in terms of protection of natural resources, but also in terms of economies. We were inspired by the guidelines of La Clé Verte. It is an ecological label already obtained by numerous hotel and catering establishments in France and Europe.

Our actions

We save energy and water, by adapting the temperature of our rooms, using ecological tap mixers


All of the hotel's light bulbs have been replaced by the latest generation of low-consumption LED bulbs.


We reduce our waste production, we use bulk and recyclable products, we sort

Local products

We use organic, eco-label and local products offered for breakfast, as well as for soaps and cleaning products.


We ban individually packaged products. Our individual soaps have been replaced by packages that we fill ourselves, our staff is trained to use the right quantities

Your well-being matters

During your stay, you will find several clues and advice for the implementation of ecological actions

We will change sheets and towels on demand. 1 unwashed towel represents 6 liters of water saved. Our sheets are entrusted to a company concerned about its impact on the environment, guaranteeing the use of appropriate programs and ecological washing products. It is a local company, on a human scale. It is located in the city center of Marseille and delivers laundry to us by bike.

Our teams are trained to check our installations and report a water leak. Do not hesitate to notify us of any leak detected in your room, we will intervene as soon as possible. Don't leave the taps on when brushing your teeth and reduce your shower time. Our sanitary installation offers two flushes with a more or less significant flow rate. 

We have installed several technological elements allowing us to manage electrical elements remotely. Air conditioning and heating can be managed using a remote control in your room and also from a tablet at reception. We can program schedules with different requested temperatures depending on the time of day. When the windows are open, the devices are automatically cut off so as not to have wasted waste. At certain times, particularly at night when it is unnecessary, general device control is cut off. This is the case of the mini bar which is thus turned off for several hours, leaving nothing to be desired at night.

Adopt, like us, the right reflexes.

We have reduced our quantity of waste at the source by drastically reducing the packaging of our deliveries. We have changed the welcome coffee in your room to offer you bulk and organic instant coffee. With the means that we put at your disposal, such as the sorting bin on the 2nd floor, battery box, recovery at reception.

We take care of the recovery of your waste and their recycling

Our Partners

Partnership with eco-responsible and environmentally friendly subcontracting companies. This is the case of our laundry, already committed in this direction, which uses eco-responsible cleaning products. They thus have a better result so as not to re-wash the same linen several times (reduction to less than 5% of the re-washing rate, the independent profession is around 8%). This generates water and energy savings. Finally, they are located in the city center and deliver the laundry to us by bike.

The washing programs are appropriate depending on the laundry (e.g. savings of approximately 60% water and 70% energy consumption compared to domestic washing)

Waste (cans – pallets) is systematically taken back by our suppliers.

Used linen is recycled into tea towels.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint we group orders together to make a single delivery.

The laundry delivered is just strapped which reduces the impact on waste

Our goals

A heat exchanger is provided to reintroduce lukewarm water into the washing tanks, the heating demand will be less


A 10 kg washing machine to reduce our water consumption


Renewable energy contracts


Agreements with more and more of our suppliers and subcontractors, concerning the implementation of ecological actions


We only use eco-responsible and labeled products


Annual energy audit to monitor the results of our efforts. Enter the Ademe certified ranking

Bellevue green key label
Hotel labeled “Green Key”
green key

Labeled hotel

For several consecutive years, we have been proud to have obtained the “Green Key” label. Every year our hotel is subject to an audit, to verify that all ecological criteria are respected.

Also, we are proud to have been the first Marseille hotel to obtain this label.

Forever the first

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