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Welcoming you properly


Hello, We are very happy to welcome you to our hotel Disability Tourism Label 

We designed this Audio welcome to share with you as much information as possible about our hotel and Marseille

Please note that our reception is available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions. From your room, simply dial 24 on the phone and we are at your service. service.

To start security in your room. You are seated in one of the largest rooms in our hotel and the closest to the reception. As soon as you enter you can lock it with the small latch under the entrance handle. In the event of a fire alarm, stay calm in your room with the door firmly closed, it is fireproof. Stay near the window so the firefighters will see you right away. We will take care of you first.

If you are visually impaired, markers have been placed in your room to help you find your way. Your desk lamp is tactile, you just have to touch it. A very powerful light flash system alerts you of the fire alarm. The switches, doors, and furniture have been contrasted in color, your telephone has a large button with marker

Safety and Emergency Measures in Case of Fire

The hotel is equipped with a fire detection system which ensures our guests excellent protection during their stay. Smoke detectors and emergency lights have been installed throughout the building and operate automatically in the event of a power outage. We also have extinguishing means scattered throughout the hotel. We recommend that you take a moment to read the following information:


Once settled in your room, it is essential that you spend a few minutes examining the escape routes. 

Take cues to help you memorize specific locations between your room and the emergency exits.

Also locate the alarms in your hallway (small square red box on the walls).

You need to have the layout of your room in mind if the hallway seems inaccessible to you (many people have escaped a fire by staying in their room, safe from flames and smoke). Remember that your door will prevent fire penetration for at least 30 minutes.

If a fire breaks out in your room, leave it immediately, making sure to close the door behind you and possibly the windows to prevent the fire from spreading, then sound the alarm as quickly as possible. This will allow the outbreak to be brought under control as quickly as possible.

Instructions to follow If you hear the fire alarm, or people shouting “fire”

Go to the door, if there is any smell of smoke, lie down on the ground, do not stand, smoke and gases are toxic and are up high.

1- Touch your palm to the door, if the handle is hot do not open the door, if the handle is cold open slowly and prepare to exit quickly by slamming the door behind you.

2-Check the corridor, if everything seems calm and clear head towards the nearest emergency exit. If smoke is present, crawl to the emergency exit, closing the door securely behind you to protect your personal belongings. Stay firmly against the wall so that you are more easily guided towards the emergency exit. If the latter is blocked, find another one. Above all, remember to never use elevators.

3-Go down to the ground floor. Fire generates heat, smoke and panic, stay calm and constantly hold the stair railing to guide you more easily and also to protect yourself from jostling due to panic.

4-Once on the ground floor, head towards the assembly point in front of the hotel.

If you are stuck in your room:

Check that the phone is working, if so, contact the switchboard (9), let people know that you are stuck in your room and ask for advice. However, do not think that the presence of smoke prevents you from going out because the hot smoke concentrates in the upper parts of the room, so you will be able to breathe and crawl to the nearest emergency exit. However, don't forget that this smoke can be toxic, act as quickly as possible without panicking, stay calm.

If you discover a fire:

Dial it 9 and notify the operator of the presence of an outbreak. Close doors and windows around the fire to prevent it from spreading. Do not risk fighting the flames, sound the alarm and leave the building as quickly as possible. Don't worry about your luggage, stay calm and don't panic! 

For further information, please contact management by dialing 9

Access to your room from the entrance in detail

Do not hesitate to ring for any assistance needed

  • When you arrive in front of the hotel you will find a first door, take two steps forward and “PUSH” the front door.
  • This done, take another step to find yourself in front of the first set of 6 steps (40cm wide)
  • Arriving at the first landing, move forward 5 steps
  • You will find yourself in front of a set of steps again. You can lean on the railing located on your left at the start of these. From there, the journey to reception is as follows:

8 steps, first landing, left another 5 steps, then second landing, left again, 9 steps.

Here you are at 1er floor, at the reception which is in front of you. After Check-In, take 3 steps to your left to find the railing and a new set of steps which are described as follows: 9 steps, first landing, on your left another 5 steps, second landing, pivot to the left once again to go up the last 9 steps in the elevator.

You have arrived on the second floor of the Bellevue hotel. You will find a fire door 5 steps to your right that you can “PULL”. Be careful, you have a staircase on your right at the edge of the elevator!! Once this is done, take two steps forward and you will find on your left room number 22 ready to welcome you.


After opening the door you find yourself in the room's airlock.

Take 2 steps to your left to reach the bathroom. Still from the airlock, take 2 steps and you will find on your right the cupboard with the mini bar, the iron and the space to store your belongings. Take 1 step, continuing straight on your right, you will find a first armchair followed by a small table then a second armchair.

Pass the lounge area, count 7 steps, you have a chair and a desk equipped with a “touch” lamp at your disposal.

Turn to your left at head height is the wrist to open the 1er bedroom window. The second and spaced 1 step to the left. If you turn 180° you will discover the bed and a bedside table with a flash alarm clock placed on it

  • Samu: 15
  • Emergency Police: 17
  • Fire brigade: 18
  • Hearing impaired: 114
  • LA TIMONE Hospital: 04 91 38 00 00
  • Pharmacy: 04 91 90 00 57
  • The reserved places are located at the corner of rue bonneterie and rue de la loge, 50 m from the Bellevue hotel.
  • Mobile application for disabled parking: parking.handicap.fr
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